CERO Cooperative, Inc.
CERO Cooperative, Inc.
Organic Waste Management Services


In 2014, CERO got a lot of attention for financing our start up with a successful Direct Public Offering (DPO). This innovative form of capital-raising enabled regular people to buy shares in CERO Cooperative. For many this first ever investment helped them to invest in their values, keep their money local, and share the pride of CERO's success. After our DPO raised over $370,000 in investment from the members of our Greater Boston communities, other impact investors took notice.

CERO Co-op has come a long way and so has the world of impact investing. As our customer base has grown and diversified, so too has our financing structure. We are proud to be a portfolio company for leading investors including the Cooperative Fund of New England, the Boston Ujima Fund, Untours Foundation, Boston Impact Initiative and the Local Enterprise Assistance Fund. 

In June of 2020, CERO completed a consensual balance-sheet restructuring and as a result, reduced indebtedness and significantly streamlined its capital structure. In connection with the restructuring, CERO has also raised additional financing that will enable CERO to expand its business and serve the greater Boston community over the coming years. 

CERO is grateful to all of our individual and institutional investors. You are leading the way in a movement to invest in your local Main Street instead of Wall Street.  We are inspired by your investment to build the very best green company and create good community jobs.