CERO Cooperative, Inc.
CERO Cooperative, Inc.
Organic Waste Management Services


According to the MassDEP, "food material is the largest single component of waste generated by food manufacturers and distributors, and diverting this material from disposal can often reduce disposal and overall operational costs." The MassDEP updated commercial organics waste ban now requires all businesses and institutions that generate 1000 pounds or more of food waste per week to divert that material from disposal. Food manufacturers, caterers, and commissaries that place banned items in the trash run the risk of solid waste facilities rejecting their waste, being charged additional fees, and receiving enforcement from MassDEP.

At CERO Cooperative, the only local W/MBE worker-owned compost services business, helping customers manage organic waste is all we do. We understand that every food enterprise is unique, and CERO knows how to create a composting plan to meet the needs of each client. CERO will make you great at composting!

CERO is proud that our composting partners include Cambridge Innovation Center, WeWork, Facebook, SharkNinja, and Amazon. Learn more about how CERO can custom-fit a composting program for your business.

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