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Why CERO - Zero Waste Management is best for your business                                   

  • Waste Reduction = Cost Savings. CERO helps you reduce waste and that saves you money.
  • When you separate recycling and food waste you can reduce the trash that goes to landfill and incinerators by 50-70% or more.
  • Fewer pick ups and less volume mean cost savings.  
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  • CERO will compost your food waste so you are in compliance with new regulations.
  • Our multilingual team of will train employees at every level to move food waste out of your trash.
  • We’ll ensure clean secure dumpsters and timely pickups to reduce odor and pests

Going Green is good for business, good for the community and good for the planet

  • We live where you work. CERO is a worker-owned cooperative business. Everyone you work with, from sales to truck drivers has a stake in a successful partnership with you, our customers.
  • With CERO you earn distinction as a green business. Good publicity will boost customer loyalty.
  • More than just another hauler, CERO is all about improving our communities.

CERO’s custom contracts are designed to serve your changing needs.

Our bottom line  -  People, Planet and Prosperity!                  

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