CERO Cooperative, Inc.
CERO Cooperative, Inc.
Organic Waste Management Services


Making changes in waste management used to be a hassle, but not anymore. Our team is made up of industry professionals, from ex-restaurateurs and supermarket vets to hotel and hospitality workers. Based on customer feedback, we've built CERO to be easy, clean, and painless from day 1 to day 1,000.

Here's what making the switch to CERO looks like:


A friendly CERO compost expert stops by your establishment, and in 15 minutes or less, determines or confirms the volume of food waste you produce. For the average restaurant and supermarket in Massachusetts, this represents 65% of what is thrown in the trash.

Set Up

CERO drops off your sparkling clean, industrial-grade compost carts, which feature tight-fitting lids and rugged wheels for easy mobility. Bring them into the kitchen or storeroom during use, or dump food scraps from smaller containers throughout the day. You get clean carts after every pickup, so forget about smells and pests.

Reduce and Save

Without all that food waste, your trash dumpster is looking surprisingly empty, and it never smells. Time to call up the trash hauler and reduce your garbage pickups. Most of our clients cut trash service in half, saving them thousands of dollars every year.


Fill your carts with food waste, and count on CERO to take care of everything else. We know that composting is a new practice for many businesses and that's why we provide multilingual training for staff and management, absolutely free. Rest easy knowing all of your food waste is returned to replenish depleted soil and remove carbon pollution. Your entire team can take pride in being part of green solutions to beat climate change.