CERO Cooperative, Inc.
CERO Cooperative, Inc.
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04.16.2021 08:10 AM By Maya Gaul

Welcome to the CERO Cooperative blog! Every day, we choose to celebrate the earth and its people through action and education to support our environment, and the environment of tomorrow. CERO is a cooperative composter, and one thing that makes us special is that we incorporate environmental education into our services by offering free composting trainings to our partner businesses. As CERO continues to grow, we would like our readers to understand our roots, and the core principles that guide us.

CERO started as a collaboration between Boston’s Black and Latino members of Mass Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health (MassCOSH) and The Boston Worker’s Alliance (BWA) to form a green business that takes into account the needs of our diverse communities, while providing a level of service that is unmatched in the composting and waste hauling space. CERO worker-owners organized around cooperatives, worker’s rights, and spread knowledge about composting in Roxbury and Dorchester as a cost-saving and sustainable alternative to the status quo.

At CERO, we use composting to create sustainable jobs that support the green economy, and we are excited to bring this conversation to the forefront of Boston's exploding food scene.  Some of our first customers had never even heard of composting, and now they are expert composters who share and spread this knowledge throughout their communities. Interestingly enough, composting is about mindfulness too. It asks us to cultivate an awareness of the environment that blooms around us, and consider our thoughts, feelings, and actions towards nature and one another. 

Winner of the Boston Greenovate Award in 2014, CERO will continue to provide food waste pickup and diversion services for the Boston metro area, and transport compostables to local farms where they are returned to the soil and used to support the local agricultural economy. Our mission is simple: divert food waste from landfills, save our customers money, and provide good green jobs for Boston's hard working communities. Our blog will be a place for expert advice, news, tips, and other useful information that we learn along the journey of being Boston’s cleanest and greenest commercial composter. Stay tuned!