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CERO Cooperative, Inc.
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04.20.2021 11:21 AM By Maya Gaul


Organic materials, mostly food waste, make up at least 30% of the trash Americans throw away. When sent to landfills and incinerators, this material breaks down and emits toxic methane, one of the most deadly greenhouse gases. A far better alternative destination for this material is processing facilities. 

Composting is the best way to recycle food waste that will not be eaten by people or animals. It is a process for mixing food waste and other organic materials such as leaves and grass clippings to break down the material and create nutrient-rich compost. When applied to the land, compost replenishes depleted soil and serves as a carbon sponge, sucking up and safely sequestering carbon pollution.

So why think about this now? Don't we have enough to worry about?
The coronavirus pandemic has awakened many to our vulnerability as human beings. It makes us think more about how to be safe and how to protect ourselves and one another. With less travel and use of fossil fuels to power commercial buildings the cleaner air is strikingly observable. As we begin to come back out and define the new normal, we have a chance to do things differently. 

Composting at home - Since we are cooking at home more we are generating more food scraps. And since we are home we have more time to learn how to compost in the backyard or get set up with one of many companies offering affordable home pickup subscriptions. Many cities and towns are establishing compostable materials drop off sites.

Composting for business - Trash is getting more and more expensive and composting is affordable. Composting is also the right thing to do. When any company starts thinking about reducing waste, the first place to start is with composting. Once groceries, cafeterias and restaurants start to separate and divert organic waste, they see a significant reduction in the amount of trash. The cost savings can easily offset the expense for professional composting services.

We are all eager to get back to business. What better time, as we thoughtfully reopen the economy, to do it in the best, most sustainable way? There are many free resources available to help any business get started composting. If your business is in eastern Mass, CERO Cooperative is the trusted local partner that can make it easy to start recycling food waste.