CERO Cooperative, Inc.
CERO Cooperative, Inc.
Organic Waste Management Services

Mission Statement 

CERO is a worker owned cooperative, developed and created by a group of Afro-American and Latin American people. We operate entirely within the parameters of the green economy with the clear purpose of creating living wage jobs, providing an opportunity to build wealth and access to benefits that will improve our workers quality of life. 

Our founding principles include working for environmental protection and social justice while building a democratic workplace that generates economic and social development for our communities. 

CERO is jointly owned by a dedicated team of worker-owners connected with Boston's working class and underserved communities. We are managed democratically to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. We live where we work, believe in Boston's growing green economy and are invested in creating a just and equitable future for our members and our community. 

We take pride in raising the bar for composting; making it easier, cleaner, and more accessible than ever. Our goal is to close the food loop and we’re proud to be part of a burgeoning solidarity economy fostering workplace democracy and new forms of sustainable community investment.